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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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sunday. >> that's what's making news this friday. making news in america this morning, threatening attacks. the newest isis warning to the u.s., promising to burn down the white house. security stepped up, plus dramatic new video of the raid near paris that took down the attack's mastermind. refugee backlash. lawmakers overwhelmingly passing a bill limiting the number of syrian refugees. presidential candidates weighing in. ben carson comparing some refugees to dogs and donald trump's new plan to track muslims. a first for food causing controversy. the fda approving a genetically engineered fish. are there any risks for consumers? and rock of ages. a gigantic gem on earth, the largest diamond to be found in a century.
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good morning, we're going to get to all those stories in a moment but we get started with some breaking news. a team of gunmen storming an american owned hotel in the african nation of mali taking multiple hostages. >> the terror attack happening at a radisson hotel in the nation's capital. a commander in the malian army said ten gunmen stormed the hotel shouting allahu akbar before firing on guards and taking hostages including 140 guests. a u.s. military delegation is there for meetings but no word if they were inside the hotel or were in any way targeted. >> the u.s. and french embassies telling their citizens to shelter in place. islamic extremists took control part of the country but it's likely to fuel concerns especially after the attacks in
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paris a week ago. u.s. authorities continue to warn about attacks on so-called soft targets like hotels and restaurants. again, to recap we're tracking a mass hostage situation in africa. we'll continue to monitor the situation in mali throughout the morning with the very latest on "good morning america." okay, so as we mark one week since the terror attacks isis is warning of u.s. attacks. >> the latest video threatens to blow up the white house after other videos threatened d.c. landmarks in new york city. >> kenneth moton has the latest for us where he's tracking them overnight. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, u.s. counterterrorism officials say they've got their eyes on those home-grown radicals as they work to prevent a paris-style attack. this morning, the isis watch continues in the u.s. from coast to coast. the terror group released its third propaganda video this week threatening the u.s., this time promising to turn the white house black with fire. >> we are operating around the
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clock to uncover and disrupt any plot. >> reporter: right now federal law enforcement agencies are monitoring dozens of high-risk radicals around the clock in the u.s. as isis pumps out 90,000 social media messages a day. there are terror investigations in every state, 900 total. >> we are not aware of any credible threat here of a paris-type attack. >> reporter: tourists in new york city surrounded by heavily armed nypd officers. >> it feels really safe right now, plus, i think being here is an indicator that we can't choose to have terror end our lifestyle. >> reporter: the goal is to prevent a paris copycat attack. the fbi director says there are no known u.s. links to the paris attacks, and there are fewer and fewer cases of americans joining or trying to join the ranks of isis overseas. reena and kendis. >> kenneth moton, thank you very . kenneth. let's move on to those attacks in paris. we're learning more about the mastermind of the paris attacks killed in that raid in france this week. >> french investigators say abdelhamid abaaoud, he was
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behind four other plots foiled in paris earlier this year, and he was poised to strike again. abc's marci gonzalez is in paris with more on the ringleader and the woman being called europe's first suicide bomber. >> reporter: in the rubble of this raid, confirmation police got their target. the bullet and shrapnel-ridden body now identified as the so-called mastermind of the paris terror attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud. the 27-year-old isis recruiter and ringleader from belgium was on terror watch lists everywhere, yet french officials admit they don't know how he managed to spend the last year traveling back and forth between syria and europe undetected. >> when they cross at those border points, eu passport holders are not always checked very carefully. >> reporter: investigators also looking into the background of abaaoud's cousin, hasna aitboulahcen, holed up in that same apartment with him when she
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detonated her suicide belt. police certain this terror cell was planning another attack, a follow-up to last week's horror, a part of which was caught on this surveillance video obtained by "the daily mail" showing a gunman aiming at people at this cafe, his gun finally jamming before anyone here could be killed. but, of course, that wasn't the case at the other bars and restaurants, that gunman, salah abdeslam, targeted. police are still looking for him and one other suspect. marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. >> marci, thank you so much. and here at home the debate heating up over what america's part should be in the syrian refugee crisis. the house has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would slam the brakes on president obama's plan to take in up to 10,000 refugees, and 31 governors, most of them republican, are refusing to allow them into their states, and now republican presidential candidate ben carson is comparing the syrian refugees to rabid dogs. >> if there's a rabid dog running around your
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neighborhood, you probably are not going to assume something good about that dog, and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. it doesn't mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination. >> carson also tells abc news that isis is more of a threat to the u.s. today than al qaeda was in 2001. that's because, he says, isis has essentially upped its game since flying planes into the world trade center, quote, didn't require a great deal of sophistication. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton, meantime, is calling for the u.s. to up its game against isis. at a speech in new york, clinton proposed going well beyond president obama's proposals saying the u.s. and its international coalition must intensify and broaden their aggression against isis, and that includes stepping up air strikes. and then there's donald trump also weighing in on the immigration issue saying he would maintain a database of muslims here in the u.s., but he was short on specifics when
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asked about how such a database would be kept and what would happen to muslims who refused to register. critics compared the idea to what happened in prewar nazi germany. let's talk about the weather right now. the radar showing the storm system that brought heavy rain to the northeast corridor yesterday. it is moving off into new england as the rain moves away, it will be replaced by windy and cooler temperatures. weekend lows across the region will drop into the 20s. in the meantime, the first big snow of is falling from the dakotas to the upper midwest. some areas could end up with around ten inches before it's all over with. the snow will continue in to tomorrow in parts of the region. chicago gets its first snow of the season. up to an inch is expected. well, still ahead, the thanksgiving travel season getting under way. the important message from the tsa for people about to fly. and genetically engineered salmon, yum, cleared for american supermarkets. consumers voicing their concerns. plus, an all-out search
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overnight. how did someone make off with a 300-year-old cello?
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this grocery store surveillance camera is not disfunctional. it's shaking from a 4.7 earthquake rumbling through oklahoma. it rocked people hundreds of miles away from arizona and texas to missouri and illinois. no injuries or major damage is reported. well, rumbling of a different kind in minneapolis where there's no end in sight to the standoff between police and protesters. they're at odds over sunday's fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by two officers. and that tension erupting in violence on friday night and protesters accuse police of
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abuse, but the police chief blames protesters calling them anarchists. civil rights leaders are demanding a federal investigation into the shooting. so, today starts the busy thanksgiving travel season. more than 25 million passengers will head to the nation's airports over the next 12 days. because of security concerns, the tsa is asking travelers to get to the airport two hours before flights. next sunday when everyone heads home is expected to be the busiest travel day. the least busiest is thanksgiving itself and for those setting the table at home, thanksgiving dinner is going to cost a little bit more this year. 70 cents more to be exact crossing the $50 mark for the very first time. however, it's still a relative bargain compared to what it used to be. adjusted for inflation thanksgiving dinner in 1986, you all remember that one, it cost more than 61 bucks. >> oh, the good old days. >> yeah. well, a month before the "star wars" movie hits theaters, ticket sales are setting records. advanced ticket sales for "star wars: the force awakens" have crossed the $50 million mark according to sellers like fandango. the film from abc's parent
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company disney, such anticipation as industry experts predicting this is a good chance it could be the highest grossing release in history. >> that's saying a lot. okay, well, when we come back, one of the nation's biggest airports unveiling plans for a new terminal just for the rich and famous. and an historic restaurant hitting the road overnight.
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police i police in suburban pittsburgh looking for a thief who stole a school bus and crashed it into a strip mall and vitamin store. the impact was so strong, it left the restaurant next door, ironically named smashburger, heavily damaged. checking the morning road conditions, careful. you don't want to be slipping and sliding from the rockies all the way to the great lakes, and there will be wet surfaces in a couple of places along the gulf coast, florida and new england. it's a good start to the thanksgiving travel season weatherwise. boston is the only place where weather-related airport delays are possible. and for the first time ever the fda has given the green light for a genetically engineered animal to enter the u.s. food supply. >> aqua bounty says its genetically engineered salmon will grow nearly twice as fast as natural salmon, but critics are calling it frankenfish and are particularly alarmed that
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gmo salmon won't be labeled such by the fda. >> the only thing the fda could determine was that it grows faster. it's identical to salmon grown using conventional techniques. >> critics say, however, it's not about nutritional value. they point to studies showing health problems from eating genetically modified food. obamacare could face a major challenge next year. the nation's largest health care insurer says it may pull out of the obamacare exchanges. united health care says low enrollment and high usage fees have cost the company millions of dollars. if united health does drop out, that would send millions of consumers scrambling for low cost insurance. well, this was a setback for a professional dancer who lost her leg in the boston marathon bombings. adrianne haslet-davis says american airlines lost her luggage, which contained her prosthetic leg. she tweeted "you lost my luggage with over $250,000 of leg and dance parts. i have an entire team on you. please respond. been days, can't dance."
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the airline responding with this tweet, "we're doing all possible to get you and your bag back together again." meanwhile, a special terminal only for celebrities at los angeles international airport approved that will allow the rich and famous to avoid their public on the way to first class. a temporary facility will be operational at l.a.x. within six months while the permanent terminal is constructed. all right. police in southern california are reaching out for help to find a missing 300-year-old cello. the rare instrument was made in ferrara, italy, in 1714. it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. it was put in the trunk of a maroon-colored acura. it was parked in the embassy -- in the garage of the embassy suites in glendale. when a thief took off with the car, the cello was inside. from southern california, the original taco bell restaurant is on the move. the company calls its numero uno. it opened in downey, california, in 1962. overnight it was moved on a flatbed truck 45 miles to taco
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bell's headquarters. the move saves numero uno from demolition. it'll be put in storage until taco bell figures out what are they going to do with it. >> well, they could have made a run for the border. now some sports starting with a game that took place in los angeles. >> we get the highlights from our friends at espn. she's nicole. i'm neil. i'm going to be honest with you. we both checked out already. >> but don't check out of this one becasue the warriors and the clippers played a good game last night. steph curry on the road against the clippers. third quarter, warriors down 13. curry in transition but he gets the bucket anyway. warriors down 11. three minutes remaining. thompson, 0 for 3. that was the first for the warriors since the score was 3-2. a little back and forth here between green and deandre jordan, but the ball ends up in curry's hands. curry, 40 points, 11 rebounds. the warriors once trailed this
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game by 23. they won by 7. they're now 13-0. >> when i say check out, i meant check this out. that's blake bortles, if you're not familiar. that's the jags and titans. bortles, julius thomas, at least when i was a kid i would get orange julius. he went to portland state so did neal lomax. five seconds left, marcus mariota, quack, no, no, duck blinded. andre branch, clemson, drops him, poses. jags win by six. >> that was no 40-hour marathon but that was at least a minute, right? >> oh, yeah. no, we've been out here. >> we can hang. >> yeah. our love for you. >> we'll keep you guys around. >> yeah. >> 40 hours was a long time. we're glad we had a good end to it. >> exactly. glad it's over. bring on the weekend. >> yeah, exactly. and up next in "the pulse." boy, that's a big rock.
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your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® ♪ okay, time now for "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about
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today, and one thing that many women will be talking about, we're going to start with girl's best friend. >> of course, we're talking about diamonds. but this morning, a whopper of a rock, what's being called the second largest diamond on earth ever has been dug up in botswana and weighs in at a stunning 1,111 carats. >> wow. >> it's roughly the size of a baseball. >> it's the biggest diamond found in the past 100 years eclipsed in size only to the legendary, of course, cullinan diamond mined in 1905. >> what do you do with that, wear it around your neck? >> i don't know. >> you can't put it on your finger. >> you can try to rock that out. i'm sure melania trump has one similar in size. okay, so breakups are especially tough in this age of social media, so facebook has found a way to ease the pain. >> the social network now testing new tools that kick in when you find yourself suddenly single, so if you change your status to indicate that you're no longer in a relationship, don't you worry, you don't have to manually untag yourself from your ex's photos. facebook does the work for you. >> this is beautiful.
4:24 am
newly uncoupled users will also see less of their ex's name, photos and posts without having to unfriend them. >> uncoupled, we're still going with that? >> we're still going with uncoupled, but you can ghost your ex now on facebook. >> i didn't even think about that. >> it's beautiful. and finally, a pint-sized athlete who is dreaming big dreams. she's 11-year-old jaden newman, and she's a great basketball player. >> yeah, and despite her age, newman plays high school hoops, and, in fact, just became the youngest high school player to score more than a thousand points. >> she scores at quite a clip. in the game she set the record she poured 47 points in her season opener. the score, 57. she scored 57. newman says her goal is to become the first female player in the nba history. i bet she does it. >> those are the sort of numbers that steph curry put up tonight, last night. good for her. >> so, who should recruit her? >> the knicks need help. the wizards need help. >> give her a call, knicks. more news after this. this is my family.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday or. yes, you made it to the end of the week. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> glad we could make it with you. how is the weather, mike? >> clear outside live doppler hd shows all of reporting stations are clear other than hazy around half moon bay and five miles it is good. are the east bay hills camera the lights are glistening like glass for the ferry ride. it is warmer when you step outside, 40's and a last 50s through 7:00. a lot of sunshine, a few clouds and nearly record warmth again today. from 62 at noon at the coast to mid-60s to 70 an the bay and inland and stay in the low-to-mid 60s at the coast and the rest of us hit the low 70s at 4:00 and enjoy a delightful evening at 60 around 7:00.
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sue? >> so far, so good. we have road work. happy friday. the san mateo bridge counties hazy. traffic is flowing nicely. no issue as you make your way from hayward to foster city. a deficit road worker in the south bay northbound 880, road work resulted in an accident and this is on the clearing statements heading on to the shoulder. >> thank you. breaking news now in western africa, a hot tag situation is unfolding in mali. three dead. gunmen are still holding hostage s arrest storming a hotel that can be connected to the paris terror attacks. here is the latest. >> yes, 170 hostages were taken and right now 150 are still held. three are dead. two citizens are questioned and a french citizen. the gunman came to the raddison hotel shooting and shouting "god
4:30 am
is great," in arabic. security forces moved in on scene with we know that ten gunmen went on a sight rampage at raddison blue in a car with diplomatic plates the government in mali said 20 hostages have been freed, those who were able to recite versus of the koran were let go. so many are being held. the embassy there tweeted all united states citizens are asked to shelter in place. president obama has been previoused on the situation. the paris attacks were a week ago today and it is important to note that mali has strong ties with france with france enter conveniencing when the north fell under islamist control. >> we have new developments in paris, as well, a third body is now found at a home raided by police in france. authorities are now trying to confirm


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